Eurofluids brings brand to these shores

Kroon-Oil lubes and cleaners come to the UK

Family business Eurofluids is to bring Kroon-Oil’s comprehensive range of bike maintenance products into the UK.

Dutch Oil company Kroon-Oil is pitched as one of the largest manufacturers of lubricants in Europe since 1906. The Kroon-Oil bike range is extensive, high quality, and eco-friendly, the firm said, backed with 100-plus years of technical expertise and product development.

The range includes chain lubes, polishes, greases, cleaners and more. Eurofluids are currently looking to appoint a number of key distributors for the Kroon-Oil Bike Range in the UK, specifically looking for credible proactive bike specialists to help spearhead this European brand into the UK market.

Eurofluids MD Noel Shapton said: "Jake, Juliette and myself of Eurofluids have between us over 50 years of experience in a variety of sales and distribution markets and we’ve joined that heritage with Kroon-Oils’ huge 100 year plus manufacturing history to bring The Kroon-Oil Bike Range to the UK market. 

"The range includes all the necessary products for the lubrication and cleaning of bikes in all environments, after all, a lubricants manufacturer that is based in the Netherlands should definitely have bicycle products! Whatever we call our bike, we all want the same things. Optimum lubrication, protection under all weather conditions and a properly cleaned bike.

"Eurofluids and Kroon-Oil offer more than just lubricants, we also offer the highest levels of Technical Product Knowledge and the best Product Advice, whatever your question Eurofluids and Kroon’s Technical Department will have the answer."

Kroon-Oil Products are compliant with all internationally applicable specifications and are exported worldwide, the firm added.

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All Distribution and Dealer enquiries should be sent to or 01792 391109

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