Pad body's larger surface area, thanks to vertical bristles, allows faster heat dissipation

Kool Stop introduces new disc pad cooling concept

Kool Stop has introduced a brake pad with heat dissipating bristles, dubbed the Aero-Kool.

With a larger surface area, the cooling fins are designed to eliminate brake fade and to carry the heat away from the caliper, reducing the chance of boiling a brake’s fluid on a descent.

The manufacturer have been working with an Austrian downhill rider to test the product on some serious descents and feedback to date has suggested that the addition of the bristles has drastically reduced the heat held by the caliper, as well as perfoming favourably when wet.

The pad is soon to be available for the following systems at €32.50, with further versions currently being developed:

D 296K Avid Elixer

D 630K Shimano XTR

D 635K Shimano XTR 2011

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