KOO launches new Photochromic lens and Optical Clip

KOO Eyewear is now offering spare variable tint Photochromic lenses, designed to change to match varying light conditions, and an Optical Clip for ophthalmic lens application, suitable for use with its Demos and Spectro sunglasses.

Designed for long rides in the saddle, climbing through mountainous clouds or diving into tree-lined descents, the new Photochromic lens adapts when lighting and weather conditions rapidly change. With a variable VLT (69 to 12%) and offering 100% UV protection, the lens also features an anti-fog internal coating.

When exposed to the harshest of light, the lens provides a light reduction effect, turning a dark pink. Under low-level light conditions, the lens fades, offering an increase in contrast and clarity.

Key features:
– Anti fog internal coating
– Photochromic variable VLT (69 to 12%)
– 100% UV protection
– Contrast increase
– Clarity increase effect in dark conditions
– Light equalization in clearness

The Optical Clip is designed specifically for users to attach prescription lenses to the Demos and Spectro sunglasses. It was designed in Italy and is constructed using 3D printing technology, allowing for a flexible and discrete form. It is quick and easy to install and allows those with ophthalmic lens needs to use single-lens sunglasses.

The accessory is designed to work seamlessly with the Demos and Spectro range of sunglasses.

Key features:
– Spectro and Demos compatible
– Practical and safe
– Quick to install and remove
– Lightweight (1.8 g)

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