"Groms" can now choose from Kona's new scaled-down XC, cyclo­cross, dirt jumping and downhill bikes.

Kona expands bike line for “punk kids”

Here’s the press release. It wins an award for not including the word ‘stoked.’

Kona Builds Punk Kids Quality Bikes for 2006

Kona’s Grom Line Introduces Kids to the Thrill of Two Wheels on Performance Oriented, Discipline Specific Bikes

Get used to being upstaged by minors, because Kona’s 2006 line includes five bikes designed to get kids on

the singletrack or in the park young and keep them moving fast.

Kona knows kids’ interests differ; some are learning to love swoopy singletrack, while others dream of flipwhips and superman seat grabs. Just like bikes for adults, the design of kids’ bikes needs to be specific to their chosen discipline, and also held to the same manufacturing standards. So, unique among children’s bike manufacturers, Kona provides groms with a selection of high quality, lightweight, aluminum bikes designed explicitly for their forte, be it XC, cyclo­cross, dirt jumping or downhill.

Last year’s Makena, Hula and Stuff Jr have been upgraded to keep Kona’s smallest riders on genuine, durable bicycles designed to withstand the rigors of unbridled, youthful exuberance, and the new Jake 2­4 and Stinky 2­4 were created with the same level of performance in mind. These are serious bikes that can take the same kind of beating as your kids and roll right into the next adventure. 35cm drop­bar speed machine features a Shimano Sora front derailleur, Tiagra rear derailleur and a host of components normally found on bigger, and more

expensive, bikes.

For the kids with John Cowan posters on their walls, the 13 inch Stuff 2­4 grom’s Dirt Jumping bike sports a Marzocchi Drop Off 4 100mm fork, 24 inch Sun Ditch Witch rims, Tioga Blue Dragon tyres and Hayes Sole disc brakes.

The Makena and Hula XC bikes give kids a solid platform from which to learn the art of singletrack. Both bikes feature Shimano Tourney derailleurs, and the 11 inch Makena soaks up the bumps with a Suntour M­2000N 30mm fork, while the 12 inch Hula sports a Suntour SF­XCC­ D 50mm fork.

These mini speed machines and powerhouses will put kids on the fast track to a life­long obsession with speed on two wheels.


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