Brand launches its toughest cycle security product yet; New wearable Boomer light arriving in UK soon

Knog’s Strongman (lock) pulls car

Knog has launched its highest security lock in its range so far – the Strongman U-lock.

Featuring hardened steel housing with a polymer cover, the 13mm steel shackle is overmoulded with UV resistant silicone that won’t mark or scratch the bike.

With a double dead lock mechanism, a spring-loaded keyhole gate protects the lock barrel from dust and grime.

In typical Knog fashion, the brand has shown off the toughness of the Strongman in unique style (above).

Three keys are included with each lock, with a unique key code. The code is exclusive and duplicate keys can be obtained through Knog directly.

A Strongman colour matched bike frame-mounting bracket is also included.

The brand has also launched a new and improved Boomer Wearable in six colours, with an RRP of £20.49.

The magnet strength has been increased and the seal is now 100 per cent waterproof.

Dealers can access Knog’s 2012 catalogue – The ‘Race Girls and Play Boys’ Activity Book – online.

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