has done three stories on the company producing the recumbent trike specced with BMX bits. But today a test model arrived. Does the real thing live up to expectations?

KMX: the perfect Christmas prezzie for kids?

Yes. With cherries on top. editor Carlton Reid is a wee chap so just about squeezed himself into the padded chassis of a machine meant for 14 year olds tops.

"I pushed down on the pedals, sped off and was doing the most amazing slides within seconds," grinned Reid, fighting off the attentions of his young son, who also wanted a go.

There are now long skid marks on the BikeBiz tarmac drive, and deep gouges in the BikeBiz lawn.

The length of the KMX can be extended or contracted with a sliding boom, making one size fit 7 to 14 year olds.

"Get in a demo bike and just let kids ride the thing, pester power will do the rest," said the BikeBiz ed, ripping up yet more turf.

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