After just a day on Kickstarter the HexLox stud is 3/4 of the way to its €20,000 target.

Kickstarter success for removable stud which prevents component theft

A stud placed and removed with a tiny key could protect bike parts secured by hexbolts from being stolen. The HexLox stud has been placed on Kickstarter today and has already received €15,104 in pledges, which is three-quarters of the way to its funding target.

The stud was created by an Australian inventor and was commercialised by Swedish entrepreuneur Marcus Tonndorf. Hexlox is based in Germany.

"With Hexlox we are solving a problem that has happened to me plenty of times in different cities," Tonndorf told BikeBiz.

The stud is inserted into existing bolts and prevents the insertion of tools to remove the bolt. Nor will magnets remove the stud, said Tonndorf.

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