Kask America appoints Cardarelli as CEO

Kask America has appointed Fabio Cardarelli as its new CEO.

Cardarelli joined Kask America as sales and marketing manager in 2015, focusing on the safety division and developing the distribution network and brand awareness.

He has spent several years in the material processing industry, primarily in sales and operations, and has successfully fulfilled many leadership positions throughout his career. He now brings his experience to Kask America as CEO as it moves into a new decade.

Cardarelli said: “Over the past four years as Kask America sales and marketing manager, I have seen first-hand what this company can achieve, and the great potential the Kask brand has in both the sport and the safety industries.

“Kask still has a lot of room for growth in this market, and it is very exciting to be part of this team. I am honoured to lead Kask America and look forward to the opportunities that lay before us.”

Diego Zambon, executive VP of Kask America and general manager of Kask, added: “We are happy to have Fabio leading the Kask America team and building on our success in the future. This is an exciting moment for us, where we see growing brand awareness in all of Kask America’s market segments.

“North America has been, and continues to be, a key strategic market for the Kask brand. With Fabio now installed as CEO, we are ready to push further into this territory, continuing to reinforce Kask’s position as a leading sport and safety helmet designer and manufacturer.”

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