Patented hub allows parents to control the level of balance assistance a child recieves as they learn to ride

Jyrobike launch kickstarter for remotely controlled balance bike

British startup Jyrobike has debuted a kids bike with built in gyroscopic technology, enabling kids to undertake those first rides with greater greater confidence.

Aimed at 3-8 year olds and available in 12” and 16” wheels, the bike carries a patented Control Hub in the front wheel that uses gyroscopic technology to keep riders upright, even when they tip or wobble. There’s even an adult version in the pipeline, set for a 2015 launch.

When turned on, the Control Hub acts like a gyroscope to provide a stabilising force, working in a similar fashion as gyroscopes do to keep helicopters stable in the air. Using a Jyrobike, children can learn to ride without stabilisers "in one afternoon", say the creators.

What’s more, the hub can be fitted as an aftermarket piece to any 12 or 16" wheeled bike.

At yesterday’s Look Mum No Hands press launch, founder and CEO Robert Bodill said: “Until now, despite many advances in bicycles over the the centuries, one thing that remains unchanged is that most people find the process of learning to ride a bicycle quite difficult, sometimes even daunting. The learning phase can be tough, but we all endure, because one of life’s greatest moments is the exact second when a person realises that they just went from ‘can’t ride’ to ‘can ride’. It is nothing less than life inspiring.”

With ten different patents taken out on the creation, the Jyrobike’s features don’t stop with stability assistance. A wireless remote allows parents to gradually reduce the gyroscope’s input as the child’s skills develop. The same remote also controls a wireless speaker, which engages the child with a series of fun sounds, including roaring dinosaur and siren sounds.

The label has today launched through crowd funding site Kickstarter with the aim of securing $100,000 in funding to take the product into production.

Jyrobike’s Kickstarter campaign, which goes live at 3pm today, will offer a wide range of pledge opportunities including:

A Control Hub 12” at £99
Control Hub 16” at £109
Jyrobike 12” £179
Jyrobike 16” £219
Early Bird* 1: Control Hub 12” + free Wireless Controller £99
Early Bird* 2: Control Hub 16” + free Wireless Controller £109
Early Bird* 3: Jyrobike 12” + free Wireless Controller £179
Early Bird* 4: Jyrobike 16” + free Wireless Controller £219

The campaign ends on July 3rd, with shipping expected Jan-Feb 2015. Early bird offers are limited to the first 500 customers.

The Control Hub is powered by an internal battery that will last for approximately three hours. The battery takes around two hours to charge.

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