First showing of hub and wheel line will be at the Bike Place in January

Just Riding Along appointed Industry Nine distributor

Just Riding Along has announced a distribution deal with Industry Nine that will see the hubs and wheels available to the trade from 2014.

Industry Nine’s wheels typically feature a straight pull aluminium spoke design and lightweight, 120-point engagement hubs. All wheels will be built in the UK by Just Riding Along to offer fully customisable combinations of the bright anodised colours.

Prices start from £850 and go up to £2,200 for wheels with Reynolds Carbon rims.

In addition to the proprietary wheelsets, Industry Nine now offer a complete range of standard ‘classic’ flanged hubs for mountain, road, road disk and fat bikes. Just Riding Along will be holding stock of standard colour wheelsets and all spare parts, while custom colours and unusual combinations are available to order with a 4-6 week lead time.

Look out for the label at January’s The Bike Place trade show, or contact the distributor on, or by phone on 0114 2864900.

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