John "JP" Saville was the UK face for Kona right up until Second Level Sport lost the distribution agreement to Paligap Ltd, a new company founded by former employees of Caratti/Schwinn-GT. Saville worked with Paligap for three months but has now joined Madison and will look after Rocky Mountain and other brands

JP Saville leaves Paligap for Madison

"I am proud to have established Kona as a great brand in the UK and am particularly happy with the pleasure that I have given so many UK riders," said Saville.

"However, after 13 years of working with Kona, I have decided to move on. Having had sole responsibility for the brand and all aspects of its development in the UK I feel that under the new regime, and without the same control, that it would be better for me to

leave Paligap to continue the development of the brand in their own way.

"Over the past three months I have done my utmost to assist the new holders of the brand during an unusual change over period. Such is my affection for Kona that I wish Paligap and Kona the very best in taking the brand on to another level.

He joins Madison as general manager of the bicycle division, responsible for Rocky Mountain Bicycles, Ridgeback, Zap Electric Bikes and, said Saville, "any other bicycle projects".

"I see the move as a natural progression from my previous role with Kona and a way to

fully realise my potential," he said.

David Lane, one of directors of Paligap, said: "We have parted on good terms and both wish him the best of luck in his new venture."


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