Now there's no need to feel deflated if you suffer a puncture near retailer's Chesterfield or Sheffield stores

JE James installs inner tube dispensers

In what could be a first for a North of England bike shop, JEJames Cycles has installed inner tube dispensers outside its Sheffield and Chesterfield stores.

The bright blue inner tube dispensers are refurbished cigarette machines from Europe.

“There’s nothing worse than getting a flat tyre on the early morning commute," said JEJames partner Mark James: "Putting a new tube in is an easier option than getting stuck in with the glue and patches.

"I have often come across one or more person who is walking their bike having gotten a puncture on the ride into work, more often than not without a means of either repairing it or replacing the offending tube with a new one. The dispensers will offer a solution to the problem on the main commuter routes into the city. Just don’t forget your pump.”

We’ve not heard of any inner tube dispensers up north, so JE James’ claim may well be right. London has certainly seen them and unsurprisingly they’ve also been spotted in cycle haven Copenhagen.

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