EUROBIKE 2011: E-bike tech grabs prize in a 430-strong field

JD’s Automatic Gear Transmission wins Eurobike Award

JD’s new Automatic Gear Transmission (AGT) gear shifting system has won a Eurobike Award at the trade show this week.

As reported on earlier this year, the firm revealed it was bringing the new technology to the show, which is being touted as the first of its kind, claiming to revolutionise development on the e-bike market.

The AGT system has been created to deliver ‘peak electric support’ at all times. The rider can choose between a fully-automatic or semi-automatic mode to effortlessly change gears. Easily integrated into e-bikes, it is directly connected to the drive system, providing a higher level of riding comfort, enhanced riding performance and increased energy efficiency, JD said.

Eurobike Award’s seven-strong jury gave the AGT system one of the prizes in a field of 430 entries from 27 countries. 59 nominees received a Eurobike Award.

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