The Bicycle Association and Leisure Expo, organiser of the Cycle & Leisure Show, have issued simultaneous press releases about the show situation in 2001. The BA acknowledges that the Spring NEC show exists and that their Harrogate-based International Cycle Exhibition is not an attempt to scupper the Cycle & Leisure Show

Its love….sort of

The BA is in a difficult position. It needs to raise cash yet the main vehicle for generating revenue the National Cycle Show was lost when BA members couldnt agree on the optimum date for the show. The BAs show organiser David Hyde took up the challenge and created his Cycle & Leisure Show. The 2001 show will be the third of Hydes independently-owned shows.

The BA would dearly like to have their show back but David Hyde is hardly likely to give it back to them when its now a commercial concern.

Earlier this year the BA revealed plans for another show, now called the International Cycle Exhibition. This is planned for June in Harrogate. Eager to deflect claims that ICC is divisive and an attempt to derail David Hydes March show at the NEC, Patrick Barker, the BAs vice president, penned the press release below. It aims to heal wounds.

David Hyde responded with a love-in press release of his own, also below.


BA seeks industry unity

The decision to mount the International Cycle Convention in June 2001 has resulted in speculation about potential conflicts with other events.

The BA has no hidden agenda. As an industry organisation committed to furthering the interests of its members, we have one overriding objective that is to promote the usage of bicycles.

This objective demands sustained commitment, not only in terms of time and energy, but crucially in raising significant funding.

We recognise that the Cycle and Leisure Show held in March at the NEC is a successful and popular event and that there are other events competing for limited resources. However, we do not wish to repeat past mistakes by insisting that we should create a single event that satisfies the needs of the whole industry. There is a significant section of the UK industry that is supportive of the timing and format of the proposed International Cycle Convention. On the basis of commitments already received we are confident that this event will be successful and will generate much-needed funds for our cycle promotion work.

There are other established and potential events that have their own, different, appeal. We have not positioned this show to compete with any other, and hope that as an industry we can move beyond historic conflicts.

We remain firmly committed to maximising revenue for cycling promotion and will continue to prioritise this objective ahead of the interests of any particular sector of the industry. However we believe that the quickest route to achieving this is through co-operation and negotiation rather than a prolonged war of attrition and look forward to establishing the broadest possible participation in our planning process for 2002.


Cycle and Leisure Show and Bicycle Association share common ground

David Hyde, organiser of the Cycle and Leisure Show, has welcomed the BA statement regarding unity. He says, "Though we firmly believe that the March Show is ideally timed for the vast majority of the industry, we are aware that it may not suit every sector. A closer liaison with the Bicycle Association will help to further develop an ongoing sensible exhibition calendar. "

Leisure Expo, David Hyde’s organising company, recognises the urgent need for funding and has already given financial support to a number of projects over the last two years. The company believes that it is the duty of every commercial organisation to assist in helping to promote the industry it is part of, and intends to substantially increase its own financial commitment as the Cycle and Leisure Show progresses.

Discussions with the BA have already commenced to examine how Leisure Expo can assist in building a stronger future for the industry and looks forward to developing a relationship that has existed with both the BA and the ACT for 14 years.

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