You meet the strangest people on trains. Part two.

It’s a small world

I was at the bi-annual Pickwick Club luncheon yesterday. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s the world’s oldest extant bicycle club and the world’s oldest Dickens club too.

It’s a collection of industry bigwigs and their guests who get together at the New Connought Rooms in London for some wine, some food and a mandatory puff on clay pipes full of shag.

There’s a six year waiting list to be a member.

Industry stalwart Ron Kitching was at yesterday’s lunch, the first he’s attended for a while. He was very ill throughout 1999.

Anyway, after the lunch, we all made our separate ways back home. At King’s Cross I bumped into Ron and his two friends. What a coincidence, we thought.

It gets better.

We split up when tickets were asked for at the barrier so I made my way to my reserved seat. You can guess who were sitting opposite me in their reserved seats! What are the odds, ah?

But the ‘small world’ thing didn’t end there. As I was settling into my seat I saw a little elfin face pop up two seats back. It was Peter Lumley, editor of Bicycle Trade and Industry, grinning ear to ear!

And here was me planning to do some work…

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