Sustrans thanks the UK bicycle industry for the bike levy scheme on a Year Planner to be sent to the whole trade

Its a date

Watch out in the December editon of BicycleBusiness for a fab new Year Planner wallchart. Theres a stonking great BikeBiz website reminder on the top of the Year Planner and a chunk of text from Sustrans on the bottom half. The Sustrans text includes an effusive thank you for the bike trade raising £1 million through the bike levy scheme.

2000 will be the year of cycling, thanks to Sustrans. There are a multitude of public events planned and the wallchart lists the biggies. It also contains all the shows and events in our Y2K calendar hyperlink (including the news just released that the overseas ACT AGM will be held in Majorca, November 3rd-6th 2000).

If you know of any dates that are missing from this please email us with details ASAP.

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