Says Hotlines which has a special offer on the Y2K brake kits

It pays to stock Hayes

The new 74mm caliper universal system from Hayes makes stocking very simple, say UK importers Hotlines.

You carry one system, universal 74 mm caliper which comes display boxed and complete with everything you need. Lever, caliper, disc, hose, all mounting hardwear, bleed kit and manual for installation. With a simple system of 6 mount brackets, 1 spare disc size, this set will fit all popular mounting systems both XC and DH. Hose is supplied as a rear length so can be cut to size for front, levers do front or rear, left or right mount. Bleeding is a simple process, you bleed from the caliper up to the lever the direction that air wants to travel no actuation of the lever is necessary and the bleed kit actually bleeds air from the caliper and lever at the same time.

The stocking-in deal is this:

By signing up to a small stock-in order minimum: 2 complete systems, 4 pad kits, 1 spare disc and 3 mount brackets (Order total £274.05 net trade, ex VAT) you will then be able to purchase this and all complete systems at the special dealer price of £99.95 net trade (Normally £114) allowing you to sell at the new suggested dealer rrp of £175 (Normal rrp £199) We will supply you with a Hayes dealer window sticker and provide technical support and training for workshop. You will also be included in a preferred dealer listing for literature and customer referrals.

Tel: 01208 821775

Fax: 01208 821776


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