Magnum locks, distributed in the UK by Moore Large, have achieved the 4+ rating from the ART Foundation, the Dutch testing standards organisation. The ratings go from 1 to 4, with 4+ going to the locks that deny all manner of attacks.

Israeli locks pass Europe’s toughest test standard

The Magnum chain and Ultimate padlock stood up to a battery of tests, including a cutting test, attacking tests, tensile strength test, corrosion test, frost test and dust test.

ART Foundation engineers found it impossible to open the Magnum locks despite the use of lock picking tools, screwdrivers, hammers, battery-powered drills, saws and bolt cutters.

Constructed of hardened, reinforced steel, Magnum’s 12mm Hexalink chain links feature a hexagonal design and narrow inner width, providing superior cut resistance.

The Magnum product line includes U-locks, armoured cables, standard cable locks, heavy-duty coil cables, and covered chain/padlock sets. Each lock category features both key-accessed lock models and 7-pin cylinder combination lock models. All key locks come with a boxed set of five keys.

The other locks in the Magnum range have now been submitted for testing by the ART Foundation.

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