Andrew Cullen, Simon Townsend and Duncan Kennedy

Ison Distribution expands sales team with three new area account managers

Ison Distribution has expanded its sales team with three new area account managers.

This expansion will see sales manager Kevin Burton’s team expand from two customer care and sales members to a total of five, providing ID with both internal and external sales departments.

Andrew Cullen is joining ID as the North area account manager. Whilst joining from outside the industry, Cullen will be able to draw upon his previous experiences of working for a bicycle fitting retailer and previously a cycle distributor for a total of four years combined. Simon Townsend is ID’s second new appointment and will be covering the Southwest. Whilst Townsend’s previous employment is also from outside the industry, he’s rejoining the Ison family after a short break, having previously worked with them for five years.

Finally, Duncan Kennedy will become the third addition to the area account team. Kennedy is currently an ID employee, working in the brand management department. This evolving role will see Kennedy continue with some brand management duties, with the addition of three days out meeting accounts directly within the Southeast area.

“I am excited to have both Simon and Andrew joining us to help continue our strategies for the following years and help our dealer base work through the tricky times we are going through,” said Burton. “Both bring excellent knowledge to their new roles, and I am personally looking forward to working closely with them both.

“Duncan was an obvious choice for us to move across to the Southeast territory, he has run that patch before, has a wealth of experience and I know Duncan will do a really good job. We have a really good field sales team who are eager and ready to support our existing customers and continue Ison Distribution’s next stage.”

Managing director Lloyd Townsend added: “Ison Distribution is continuing to grow. With the addition of three Area Account Managers, either new, current or previous to the family, this change will help further support our IBD network. As well as give the in-house sales team additional support and allow Ison to further cement itself as one of the key cycling distributors.”

The new positions will commence from 4th October, and after a short induction, will see them starting to meet accounts.

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