Islabikes to offer equal maternity and paternity leave benefits

Islabikes has announced a new regime offering equal maternity and paternity leave benefits. 

"Having a child is a life-defining moment yet despite changes in legislation, both parents still do not enjoy the same parental leave benefits," read a company statement. "At Islabikes we’ve decided to take the initiative by introducing a ground-breaking new parental leave policy.

According to Islabikes, fewer than one per cent of new fathers takes advantage of the current Government policy which saw the introduction of shared parental leave. While researching the policy online, Islabikes said it was "shocked to find only one company offering similar benefits".

"With the government’s plans not working, it’s up to industry to take up the gauntlet," the release states. "The more employers that offer truly equal parental leave, the more pressure will be placed on others to follow suit.

"We think it’s really important to maximise employees enjoyment of this time without having a long-term effect on their working ambitions. With expanded options for all parents, we hope that it will not only encourage more dads to spend time with their new-born but will also encourage more women back into work after having their baby and should make the transition much easier."

Below is a brief outline of what it means for all parents, regardless of gender and sexual orientation:

  • Up to 52 weeks’ leave for women and men
  • 100 per cent pay for the first six weeks post-natal for women and men
  • 33 weeks at 50 per cent of the national living wage for women and men
  • Additional leave if a baby is born four weeks early or more
  • Return to work bonus of up to  one month’s salary
  • Up to eight-week phased return to work and re-induction
  • Flexible working options in the first six months of your return
  • Review of flexible working options at the end of the six months to determine a long-term working plan

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