Islabikes now back in stock across most of its children’s range

Islabikes are now back in stock across most of its children’s range, the brand has announced.

Supply chain disruption impacted Islabikes in a ‘big way’ for the second half of 2021, causing much of its children’s bike range to be out of stock for months. Islabikes now has most of its kids bikes back in stock and available to buy from its website.

With its bike drought running into Christmas, Islabikes offered customers the chance to pre-order and guarantee a January delivery. Those who pre-ordered had their bike builds prioritised as stock started to come back in. Delivery time for an Islabike is currently at seven working days.

Tim Goodall, managing director at Islabikes, said: “There was a time when a two-week shipping delay felt like a disaster, now, only a two-month delay is a relief. I hope such delays are behind us, as we are seeing early signs of the bicycle supply chain recovering from Covid induced shutdowns.”

All Islabikes are designed for the needs of riders at different life stages. From the frame through to the custom-designed Islabikes components, all aspects of the bike are optimised to work together, delivering a ‘revolutionary’ cycling experience.

The brand has been selling direct to customers since 2006. Each bike is hand-prepared by an Islabikes bike builder from its base in Shropshire.

Last week, Ison Distribution announced that it has received a delivery of the 2022 range of Bosch-powered Benno Etility bikes, following several delays. A significant number are pre-sold, the distributor said, but there are still some limited stocks available for immediate delivery.

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Earlier this month, Orbea announced its decision to increase its prices as a result of increases in the cost of raw materials, transportation, and intermittent and ongoing supply failures.

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