Children's specialist updates popular models and adds a few new ones

Islabikes launch new range

Islabikes has shown previews of the 2009 model range and it appears that there’s a few new models as well as some tidy improvements on old favourites.

Of the new bikes, each caters for a separate age group.

For kids of two years and older, the Rothan pedal-less models come complete with a steering limiter to prevent jack-knifing and an optional brake.

The Cnoc 14 to 16 inch wheeled bikes feature lever-operated brakes, made form aluminium and crafted for small hands. Girl’s options are also available.

The Beinn range, aimed at kids of five to 12 have all been designed light and feature lower gearing suited to off-road use. Again girl’s bikes are available and there’s even a similar model added for kids of over 12 years.

For those sticking to the roads, the Luath range of cyclo cross, road and tourers has larger sizes suited to kids in their teenage years.

One of the Highlights is the Creig (pictured). This hardtail has a great spec for the price, featuring Rockshox Recon Air forks and Avid Juicy disc brakes (again smaller levers feature) and all for £599.99.

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