Topeak and ProGold products available now from Extra

Is your workshop stocked up?

With the workshop one of the most profitable parts of the independent’s business, it’s never been more essential to get the right kit in stock for workshops and consumers.

Extra is the UK distributor for two of the best-known workshop brands; Topeak and Progold.

Topeak is known for innovative design and the famous Alien range, which has grown rapidly in recent years. The highly versatile Alien 11 is the brand’s lightweight multi-tool concealing 26 tools into one folding two-piece package.

The unit holds Allen Key sizes from two to ten, a selection of common hex bolt wrenches, a mini pedal wrench, chain splitter, tyre levers and much more. There’s even a stainless knife and bottle opener for both cutting back branches covering the trail and opening your moonshine respectively.

Extra also handles ProGold, a solution which inhibits oxidation and corrosion, and it works to shed contamination too. Metal Friction Reducer is incorporated in all ProGold products. MFR molecules bond to metal creating a ‘sacrificial surface’ so that you are no longer running metal-to-metal. This process is not dependent on viscosity so ProGold does not need to be oily. This translates into longer chain life, easier pedalling, smoother shifting and a quieter drive train. In addition it’s environmentally green and non-staining.

ProGold also manufactures a Bikewash solution, which is a carbon-friendly formulation great for all types of frames and components. The solution is dilutable up to 50 per cent, still carrying heavy punching power that removes dirt and grime gently. Among other products are a cable luber, EPX grease, a chain gauge to judge chain wear and more.

To order Topeak or Progold product contact Extra at or 01933 672 170.

Look out for the full BikeBiz online guide to Oils, Cleaners and Tools soon.

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