Business is booming. If you're an installer of Sheffield stands and other cycle-parking devices. June is the month hundreds of schools around the UK are awarded cash for their successful School Travel Plans (£5k per school to spend on upscale bike sheds...) and politicos such as London mayor Ken Livingstone are urging companies and organisations to build infrastructure to encourage more cyclists.

Is there more cash to be made in bike-racks than bikes?

London’s companies and organisations are being urged by Ken to capitalise on the boom in cycling by providing proper bicycle parking facilities.

Speaking at a cycle parking conference at City Hall, Ken Livingstone said that the growth in cycling in London was meeting Mayoral targets, which call for an an 80 percent increase from 2000 to 2010, and that organisations needed to keep pace with customers and employees who cycle.

"Cycling in London is becoming safer, more convenient and increasingly popular. In contrast to a UK decline in cycling, London has seen a 40 per cent increase in since 2001 and we are on track to seeing a target 80 percent increase by 2010."

Ken’s carrot: "Businesses can capitalise on this by responding to customer and employee demand for more cycle parking and other facilities."

Ken’s stick: "I will continue to use my planning powers to ensure that all major developments adequately cater for cycle parking."

Companies, planners and cycle parking experts listened to Ken at The Profit Cycle – Making Bike Parking Work for You conference yesterday.

Representatives from supermarkets, high street shops and developers were among the delegates at the conference, which was organised by the London Cycling Campaign in partnership with Transport for London and the Mayor of London, with sponsorship from BikeAway.

Simon Brammer, director of the London Cycling Campaign, said:

“If you don’t capitalise on the growth of cycling somebody else will.”

Richard Evans, director for GlaxoSmithKline of World Wide Real Estate in Europe, Middle East and Africa, told the conference of the benefits for business of encouraging employees to cycle. He said proving comprehensive facilities, including showers, lockers, incentives and parking, cost about £400 a year, compared to the £2,000 annual outlay for a single car parking space.

“Do gooding? More a case of good business,” said Evans.

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