It would seem so - the average media exposure per UCI WorldTour team is $88.4 million, says Cyclingnews

Is it really worth sponsoring a pro cycling team? has published a wide-reaching report into pro-cycling sponsorship and its value to brands.

Working with sports marketing research specialist REPUCOM, the site has uncovered some choice statistics weighing up the value of, among other things, team sponsorship, media exposure and related figures on the world of pro cycling.

You can download the full report via a link on this page, but we’ve got some of the stats for your perusal here:

  • $2.1 billion – TV sponsorship exposure delivered across a season
  • $88.4 million – Average TV, print and online exposure delivered by world tour team across a season
  • $5.17 – Returned for each dollar spent on title sponsorship of a world tour team
  • 54 per cent – Increase in broadcast hours year on year in 2012
  • 79.9 per cent – Average sponsor TV exposure of Tour de France over a season
  • $65 Million + Adidas’ return from $1.5 million investment from TV exposure only. This is likely to be in excess of $100 million once print and online is taken into account.

There will be further reports from and REPUCOM.

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