'World's first intelligent cycling computer automatically adjusts to exercise goals'

iPhone add-on iBike Powerhouse launching at CES

Bicycles are riding into the world’s best-known consumer electronics show once again this year.

Velocomp’s ‘intelligent cycling computer’ – the iBike Powerhouse – will be on show at next week’s CES show in Las Vegas. Automatically adjusting to the exercise goals of the rider, it works with the iPhone and iPod touch and has been designed by fitness coach Hunter Allen.

Riders choose their goal-based plan, then over a period of four to six weeks, are guided through a ser

ies of 45-90 minute bike rides. During each ride, riders are directed to pedal at specific levels of effort (power), customised to the plan’s goals and your measured fitness level.

“The iBike Powerhouse is the only product that creates cycling plans customized to your fitness level and goals, and that automatically adjusts as you improve”, said Velocomp CEO John Hamann. “iBike Powerhouse is a must for anyone who owns a bike and who wants to achieve measurable improvement towards health and fitness goals.”

Pricing is only available for the US at present ($269 MSRP). The system includes:

-A water/shock resistant case for the iPhone/iPod touch.

-Patented electronics that perform all cycling measurements, including power.

-An app that interacts with iBike’s electronics.

-A wireless speed/cadence sensor.
-Universal mounting system.

-The ability to listen to music or take phone calls while cycling

Head to booth #3430 at CES to find out more.
Last year Dahon exhibited its iPhone Mount, among other products, at CES, while in previous years Sanyo won a CES award for its eneloop e-bike.

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