Utilising infra red technology, Accapi's clothing line claims to boost muscle recovery speeds...

INTERVIEW: Accapi’s ‘magic’ clothing

“The clothing emits infra-red via an embedded mix of titanium, platinum and aluminium ‘dust’. When placed with soft tissue damage it’s not too dissimilar from being in one of those infra-red therapy booths they have out in Japan. Recovery speeds on soft tissue damage are boosted significantly.”

It’s a bizarre concept and one with its sceptics, but having experienced the healing power of Accapi’s Nexus technology, one third of the UK distribution partnership and partner in Accapi UK, Andrew Geere (pictured) is a convert. Having suffered a nasty neck injury in a mountain bike crash many years ago, Geere was recommended an Accapi neck guard. Having tried physiotherapy with only limited success, Geere had lost a portion of the movement in his neck.

“I noticed a real difference in my range after sleeping in the brace for one night,” says Geere. “Over a further ten nights I gradually regained more and more movement until I was able to move my neck freely again. I’d recovered in an astonishingly quick period of time thanks to wearing the neck brace overnight. It was at the end of those weeks that I approached both Steve Roberts and George Haydon about becoming the third partner in the Accapi UK business.”

So how does the Japanese technology benefit athletes?

“We’ve brought the entire Nexus catalogue to the UK, from Italy where it’s manufactured, consisting of the Pro, Action and Bodyguard lines. First of all, the BodyGuard line covers the body’s joints, so any soft tissue damage, including ligament tears in the knees, ankle, wrists, even the neck, can be catered for, costing from £40 upwards. We even have socks, which offer the added benefit of improving circulation, thus boosting an athlete’s energy. BodyGuard’s only competitor are neoprene supports which don’t actively aid recovery, are bulky and often sweaty.”

Sportspeople are encouraged to check out the Pro line, as well as the more ‘relaxed cut’ Action line. These come in the form of long and short-sleeve jerseys, shorts and legwear.

“The backguard is a key product for cyclists,” explains Geere. “Back injuries and traumas are not uncommon in sports cycling. We’ve got a few prototype products in testing targeted specifically at the cycle market too. Cycling shorts and tri-suits will be on the way next year and we think once the market properly awakens to what recovery clothing can offer, retailers will have far greater success with shifting performance clothing.”

Matt Stephens, team leader of Sigma Sport is a firm believer in how Nexus can assist faster recovery, as is one of the world’s top mountaineers, Simone Moro.

“We actually found out about Accapi’s Nexus gear through Morrow. He told us how, while wearing the garments, he could train for longer and recover faster. What’s more, astonishingly the effects of delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) were not felt over the days following heavy exercise.”

So how exactly does the technology work its wonders?

“The mix of metal ‘dust’ is permanently weaved within the fibre and emits an infra-red of between 4 and 14 microns, a suitable wavelength to be absorbed by the body. As the body is mostly water, the infra-red oscillates the water molecules in the body and improves blood flow,” explains Geere. “We’ve endless testimonials to back the science and they’re from diverse sources too. From professional rowers, to triathletes, skiers and even athletes in boxing, we’ve had very positive feedback from all over.”

Accapi UK now has exclusive rights to develop the Nexus Energy product across the globe, as well as having exclusivity of distribution in the UK and Ireland. Sales agents are available for retail visits, while the firm will be exhibiting at the Triathlon, Cycling and Running Show in February and again at the Outdoor Trade Show next September. Retailers may also notice an advertising campaign soon to run in many consumer cycling magazines.

“I believe the testimonials are our most powerful form of marketing,” concludes Geere. “Dealers will see them printed on our point-of-sale and marketing material, including leaflets available to stockists. I’d urge those considering a performance clothing brand to look us up. Nothing this unique has hit the market since Gore Tex became available. This technology could well be the next big thing in sports clothing.”

Accapi: 01207 291 247

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