$48,000 target raised on Kickstarter to developed concealed in seatpost bike lock

Interlock succeeds in crowdfunding aim to develop security seatpost

Product designer Adrian Solgaard Janzen has succeeded in meeting his crowdfunding target to bring the ‘Interlock’ seatpost into production.

Having surpassed the $48,000 goal on Kickstarter, Solgaard Design will now begin to produce the $50 seatpost-integrated lock, with early backers of the project able to receive the product for $39.

To use the lock, the rider simply pulls the cable from the post and passes it through the frame and wheels, securing it with one of the two supplied keys. As is sensible with all cable locks, Solgaard recommends their product is used in conjunction with a U-lock. Removing the seatpost from the bicycle makes no difference to the security of the product as long as the cable passes through the frame correctly.

“About a year ago, my bike was stolen due to a faulty lock,” explains Solgaard. “Losing my bike combined
with the hassle of carrying around a bulky bike lock inspired me to create The InterLock™ for cyclists around
the world.”

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