The Urban Legend Fashion and Art Show will be "self-propelled."

Interbike to introduce bike-borne fashion show

Interbike has teamed up with Momentum Magazine to produce the first Urban Legend Fashion and Art Show at Interbike 2008 on September 25th at 5 p.m.

"The Urban Legend Fashion and Art Show will help feature the great gear, bikes and apparel that have been recently introduced for increasingly important urban and transportation cycling categories," said Rich Kelly, Interbike’s communication manager.

"When we learned of Momentum’s innovative fashion show, which they produced earlier this year, we knew their show had the right mix of style, vibe and utility – all in a fun, unique atmosphere."

Instead of a traditional catwalk, a road loop will be laid out on the floor of the Venetian’s Ballroom G, while bicycle-inspired artwork is displayed throughout the room. Urban Legend attendees will gather in and around the loop, while models ride among the audience. The layout allows the models to display urban cycling apparel and bikes in action.

The Urban Legend Fashion and Art Show will highlight a range of "stylish, smart, sexy and professional clothing that fit into everyday life and work great on a bike." Models will be sporting urban and casual cycling wear, not the typical Lycra shorts or jerseys, while riding urban, folding, utilitarian and commuting bikes.

There will be gear from Crumpler, Dahon, Nutcase Helmets and Sheila Moon Athletic Apparel.

Product submissions for possible inclusion in the Urban Legend Fashion and Art Show are due no later than Friday, September 12. To make a submission, send a lo-res photo and brief description to Mia Kohout at

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