We're not shy of mingling with the stuntmen, so check out fresh goods from Animal, Volume, Cult, Demolition, Shadow, Kink, BSD, Mutiny, Premium and Eclat

Interbike: The BMX round up

We’d like to tell you that BMX product remains nice and simple, with traditional geometries and 9/25 gearing everywhere. With the rise and rise of the freecoaster hub, new colour trends arriving on an annual basis and even the odd bit of innovation, it’s rarely as straightforward as it may seem.


As you’ll notice via this stunning promo vid, Cult’s Dakota Roche has a new signature frame in the Cultifornia.

It bears a failry standard geometry, with a 9.25" standover and 75 degree head angle. The rear end comes up at 13.3 and both black and brown colourways are set to land with Seventies during November.

The Shadow Conspiracy

Plenty of new goods from Shadow, also found with Seventies in the UK. Launching an entirely new range of helmets and padding goods, the firm has taken the needs of the modern BMX rider and worked around these trends. You’ll notice the padding is slimline, so easily fits under jeans. There’s a new line of luggage too, from back to school style backpacks to more serious volume packs.

On the component front, a revised version of the Strada tyre is now on offer with an improved tread, better grip on the sidewalls and in a new green colour.

Shadow has gone a little crazy on the saddle front, granting each of its pro team the freedom to design a saddle of their own. The designs range from patterns inspired by a favourite pair of socks, through camo prints and a heavy duty material unit from Albert Mercado who provided the firm with clear instruction to make his model with tough canvas.


One of many new freecoasters now available is the Kink East Coaster. Like many others on the market, Kink are plying it safe, using KHE’s popular internals and selling as both an aftermarket hub and wheel laced to an Atlas rim. A complete building carrying the wheel is also due in 2015.


Ralph Sinisi’s Animal continue to cater for the street rider with some seriously hard wearing gear. This firm’s take on the coaster is again, based around the reliable KHE internals, but with the twist of including rounded nuts done up via a socket. The perks of this, for all the pegless riders out there are that you can now grind on the bolts if you choose.

Animal did tell BikeBiz that they are working on their own internals for a future freecoaster.


Below you’ll see Demolition’s new three-piece crank, which doesn’t just look beefy, but actually carries a 24mm spindle. Expect stock to land with UK distributor Elephant in October.

Demolition has also upped the quality of its tyres, introducing a new blend of fibre bead and rubber that retains the same grip but is far more resistant to tears. There’s no price penatly for the upgrade and the Machete tyre will be the first to benefit.


It’ll dissapoint many, but the pictured Bronze colour is only a limited run, with the production units bearing a trans gold finish as poking into the base of the pic.


Coming in at a more budget friendly £49.99, Eclat’s new cold-forged stem is one for those looking for a steep rise, of which this one offers 33mm. A recessed top cap area completes a very smooth finish.


It’s all about colours with BSD’s new gear. For rubber and plastic goods there’s both a maroon and dark blue shade joining the more mundane black.

The Passenger frame also gets a colour revamp, but maintains the same angles as previously.

Eight new hubguards to fit many of the new hubs on the market join BSD’s sworn by range.

Premium Products

We don’t have much info on the new Premium components, but what we will say is we saw a ton of this eye-catching splatter effect finish around the show, so expect kids to want to deck their bikes out in this gear in 2015.

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