With the same name and the same logo-font, Interbike Australia was on collision course with Interbike US until sense prevailed

Interbike Oz becomes Ausbike

A new Australian trade show is scheduled to take place August 16th to Monday 17th.

The show is due to take place at the Exhibition Pavilion, Melbourne, with the show to cover 10,000 square meters. The show’s organisers are reported to have committed to the venue for five years.

However, there has been a swift name and website change. The show was announced on Friday as Interbike Australia, with an info-lite website of the same name. The logo was almost identical to the logo used for the long-running US trade show, Interbike of Las Vegas, owned by Nielsen Business Media.

Rich Kelly, marketing manager of Interbike in the US, said: "Despite the blatant use of our name and logo, Interbike and Nielsen Business Media are in no way involved with this event."

Simon Head, organiser of the Australian show, told BikeBiz.com in an email:

"Like everyone in the industry in Australia we all hope that Cadel wins. Oh and by the by, business and name changes have just come through. The show will now be called AUSBIKE AUSTRALIA."

The show will also have a new website, as yet not working

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