Powacycle become the first Brit-supplier to offer far extended warranty

Infinium offers two-year warranty on e-bike battery

Powacycle, the makers of the newly launched Infinium electric bike range, have upped the warranty on their unique stackable battery system.

The move is one that many e-bike manufactures have feared making due to the high cost of replacing the batteries. Most manufacturers offer between six and 12 months warranty.

Wazz Mughal, managing director at PowaCycle said: “When we conceived a new electric bike range last year, and we set-out to differentiate this range from the mainstream. The result has been an entirely new concept that brings a radical patented power/battery design, outstanding motor efficiency, and high end components in bikes that are built to last. In recognition of the distinctive premium approach, we have created the new range ‘Infineum’ to highlight the unique identity. As a measure of our confidence in the life of the new Infineum battery technology, we have opted to extend the two year warranty to include the battery.”

Electric bikes are the fastest growing sector within the bicycle industry, mostly due to the increasing confidence in the bikes reliability.

Each additional battery added to the Infinium’s stackable rear rack increases the range by approximately 30 miles.

Website: www.infineumbike.co.uk
Email info@infineumbike.co.uk
Tel: 01279 821243

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