Inventor looking to make new platform in the USA with a little help from crowdfunding

Infinity pedal concept hits Kickstarter

Inventor and cyclist Sam Hunter has taken to Kickstarter to seek crowdfunding for a new SPD pedal design, which he hopes to manufacture in the USA.

Dubbed the Infinity Pedal, the unique design could weigh as little as 190 grams with a titanium axle (including cleats and bolts) and 240 grams for the steel version – placing it among the lightest SPD pedals available. With just one moving part, the design is said to be both simple and tough.

Hunter said of his design: "I have been riding my pedals for over three years now and have been making minor tweaks to them as I have gone along. Lead times with vendors have often slowed the progress of that development. To overcome this, I am going to bring as many processes in house that I can so there is complete control over the development,production and quality process. Regular updates will keep you informed on how things are going. The Infinity Pedal is the first in a long line of rad products that are waiting to hit the market. I can’t wait to get a set on your bike."

The pedal float will be five degrees and release angle 18 degrees. Spring tension and float on the production version will be adjustable, though the designer will set them up in the most ‘user friendly’ way.

A three bolt version is to be considered if the initial $125-$150k goal is reached. The Kickstarter runs until April 30th. While on kickstarter, a steel axle pedal can be bought for a $129 pledge.

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