No, not distance learning about MS Word, today its a new-to-the-UK PC/software package for any of your customers who want to simulate outdoor reality when pedalling their indoor trainers

Indoor IT training

CycleFX is a bit of software from the US that you install on a PC and hook up to a cycle trainer. It comes with four pre-set rides called things such as Lost in Arizona and its most useful feature is UltraCOACH VR Lite, which prods and prompts the cyclist into a pukka training regime.

You can have club-standard interaction in the privacy of your own home! says David Evans of Alpha-zeta Leisure, the importers of CycleFX.

The UltraCOACH VR Lite package includes UltraCOACH HRM Athletic Training Software which logs and analyses your customers workouts. Performance evaluation can be viewed with graphing utilities.

UltraCOACH is the official software of USA Cycling and other, non-cycling sporting bodies. It has been in development for the best part of 10 years in the States but is newly available in the UK and will be mainly consumer-direct although Alpha-zeta Leisure is happy to discuss trade deals too.

It requires a Pentium-based PC (Pentium 166 or faster), 64 MB RAM, and Windows 95 or above.

With at least a 28.8 band modem riders can interact with other CycleFX users with the Web Racing option.

The CycleFX system comes with the digital interface, serial cable, speed

sensor, attachment devices and Ultracoach VR Lite CD-ROM. It costs £179 retail. Heart Rate Monitor attachments are extra.

Displayed alongside trainers as a motivational add-on and with an in-shop demo version hooked up CycleFX could increase sales of trainers by adding zest to what may otherwise may be a boring ride in the backroom or garage.

Tel: 01423-864228


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