BikeBiz checks in with the UK Vee rep and finds a brand quietly making a name for itself as it has done outside of these shores

In the Saddle: Vee Tire Co’s John Owen

BikeBiz checks in with Vee representative John Owen and finds a brand quietly making a name for itself in the UK:

What bikes do you own and where do you ride them? 

I’m a jack of all rides really. This year I’ve been fortunate to have great support from Upgrade Bikes and my Pivot Mach6 took me to second overall Elite in the UKGE, but next year is the start of something new for me that I can’t say too much about, yet. Living in Shropshire, I’ve got some insane riding spots locally and if I’m not getting sideways on one of our many slick hills, I’ll likely be cruising the lanes. I’m a sucker for fitness and just love going fast. 

Tell us about your background in the cycling business:

Since a young lad I’ve always had involvement in the bike business. Working in a successful Shrewsbury cycle shop from the age of 13 until 23 really opened my eyes, not only to industry developments over that time, but has also given me so much more experience on a business level too. After leaving to seek a new venture, I wound up working for a marketing firm, which led me to VeeTireCo. It’s a really cool feeling to have established myself in the industry at a young age and I feel honoured to be given so much respect already. 

And what does your current role with Vee entail?

I’ve been involved with all sorts over my ten months with VeeTireCo. However, my primary role is to build recognition and consumer confidence in the brand and day to day I can be found placing and taking orders, coordinating advertisements and generally doing my best to keep the wheels rolling. Building a brand is no easy feat, but we’re getting there and have a super committed customer base.

The label is looking to expand in the UK…?

Despite VeeTireCo being perhaps under recognised, they’ve produced some award-winning product for other brands and are first to the table with the latest tech and size options. You want plus, fat, thin, BMX, we’ve got it! Naturally, we’re looking to continue expansion of our IBD network, by way of offering appealing margins and staying away from internet giants. Being a small outfit does have its perks and we work very personally with each dealer to best meet their demands. To get in touch call 01952 684168 or via 

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