Former Men's Fitness editorial director talks about making the calls on what to feature, the response to date and much more

In The Saddle: Pete Muir, editor of Cyclist

BikeBiz: How many bikes do you own and where are your favourite places to ride?
Pete Muir: I own three bikes, in descending order of decrepitude. In an office full of brand new, high-spec carbon road bikes, my machine stands out like a tramp at a fashion catwalk show. It’s a situation that I need to remedy fairly soon.
My usual weekend ride takes me out to the countryside north of the M25, which is surprisingly bike-friendly considering how close it is to London. Best place ever ridden? That would probably be the Strada Bianchi of Tuscany in Italy.

What’s the biggest rush achievable on a bike?
Overtaking the cars on long Alpine descents.

What’s your role at Cyclist magazine and what does that involve?
As editor, it’s my job to decide on what we’d most like to see in each issue of the magazine and then make it happen. Fortunately, I have a highly talented team of guys who generate great ideas, write engaging features and create beautiful designs. For us, good stories and stunning photography are key to the mag.

What’s the reaction been to Cyclist so far?
Better than we ever imagined. The feedback from readers and the industry has been overwhelmingly positive, and people seem to appreciate that we are trying to do something different from the rest of the market. Cycling is increasingly an aspirational sport, and we try to reflect that in Cyclist.

What’s the best part of your job?
My favourite times are when general office banter turns into a crazy idea that later becomes a great feature. The toughest bit is trying to not to be dropped by my team members during the lunchtime rides – that’ll teach me for hiring young, fit people.

Any final thoughts for the trade?
Keep producing cool, innovative stuff. We’ll keep putting it in the mag.

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