UK Agent for Colombian clothing label sits in the hostseat and talks riding, business and coffee

In The Saddle: Paul Wignell, Suarez

What bikes do you own and where are your favourite places to ride?
I’ve owned many bikes throughout the years, but the one’s I ride now are a Suarez Carbon Comp race bike, which is a prototype. Then there’s a Terrible One BMX and Trek Carbon road bike. My favourite places to ride, that’s easy; Romford skate park and Sheffield, or the Peak District for road and MTB.

In your opinion, what’s the biggest rush achievable on a bike?
Riding with your mates.

Tell us about your day-to-day role representing Suarez in the UK?
I wish it was easy trying to break down a typical day in the cycle trade. My day start’s at 6am with a strong cup of Colombian coffee. From there I’ll be calling on independent bike dealers throughout the UK, showcasing the No1 comfort leader in cycling apparel.

After my visits its processing orders, making sure the dealer is taken care of. Then I’ll start work on Suarez’s marketing, which includes hitting deadlines, designing new ads, social networking and making contact with Suarez Colombia, updating UCI Professional Team progress and updating the Suarez clothing website.

What’s your background in cycling/the trade?
My background started in the BMX racing when I won a Raleigh Burner and was presented it at Raleigh HQ at Triumph Road, back in the very early 80s. Raleigh took me to race comp in Birmingham to do a photo shoot. They entered me into the comp where I placed 3rd. From that day I did a few more races with Raleigh, but never placed top three again.

After that I moved into racing road bikes locally, which got me fit ready for my time in the Armed Forces. In the Armed forces I raced road bikes and MTB to a very high standard, especially in Cyprus, even setting up cycling clubs. In the trade I had my own BMX business, was a action sports buyer sourcing mid to high-end bikes from around the world for five years. That was followed by eight years working at Raleigh, bringing me to 15 years plus in the business.

What’s the reaction been to Suarez thus far?
Reaction has been very positive, especially in regards to the quality, price, dealer support, brand exclusivity and how the sizes go up to triple extra large, catering for everyone.

How can dealers take out an account with you?
If you’re a new cycle deale,r or existing independent dealer looking for brand and area exclusivity, with the only award winning Colombian clothing brand in the UK, please get in touch either by phone 07545593413, or email

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