Trails brand owner discusses sponsorship, print media and product

In the saddle: Mark Noble, Deluxe BMX

What bikes do you own?
I do have some old school classics, a couple of proper landmark bikes, and some right old muck – but I just generally love bicycles, the simpler the better. My current bike of choice is my 2011 Deluxe Tech2 – it’s my near-perfect set-up and there’s something extremely satisfying about riding a bike that you’ve designed.

Tell us a bit about your business background:
I’ve been in the BMX business for over 23 years, through launching, editing, and publishing BMX and other magazines.
Back in those days we were proud of what were market-leading magazines. BMX Print media has changed now, and I’m really impressed with modern, newcomer magazines such as The Albion and Case.
Now, I have an established BMX brand in Deluxe, taking it back to a fresh ethos with tons of potential, great products and a great team. Running a bike company is an interesting learning curve for sure, but it’s a good one. I’m also starting a UK distribution company dealing with bike shops direct.

You’re quite involved with sponsorship of riders and events – why is this important to your biz?
Well, we obviously need team riders to help design and prove our products and get involved with the creative side of Deluxe; photos, videos, design and marketing. Plus, I genuinely enjoy helping the guys out with what they need. Events wise, I also have no hesitation helping out a jam with some product prizes – you’ve got to give back to the scene.

Product wise, what can Deluxe offer the bike dealer?
Frames, bars, stems, hub-sets, pedals, seats, pedals, sprockets, and more, all built for bicycle motocross. From a business standpoint, the prices are right and a bike shop has a large margin to play around with, and I believe we can back it up with good service. I’m proud of what we make, it’s taken a while to get it where we want it, but it’s coming good now.

What’s coming from Deluxe in 2012?
This year we are expanding into an all-new complete bike line and it’s a tight, limited edition line, two models strong and built right.
Project wise at Deluxe, now we’re in our third year we’re on course to make a profit with the business, so we’ll be able to stand by our original commitment to the Stephen Murray Fund and contribute the ten per cent of Deluxe profits back to Stephen and the guys.

What are the best contact details for prospective retail partners?
Probably the best bet is to email, or phone 05602 796039.

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