This month Mark Lee Sing, Freelance Photographer at Evol Images, gets in the saddle...

IN THE SADDLE: Mark Lee Sing

What bikes do you own?
They’re pretty much all steel and I’ve a fair few. Of the mountain bikes, I own a Tomac 98 Special Pro, Genesis Altitude 853, Genesis Alptitude 853 (set up for 4x), 96 Kona Explosif 853 and a Revell 450R single speed. Then there’s the road bikes. I own a Pinarello Sestriere and a Fausto Coppi Thron.

What services do you offer the bike trade?
I mainly offer my services as a freelance photographer for articles and adverts, but I’m also involved with some of the up-and-coming 4X, dirt jump and BMX riders helping to raise their profiles within the industry.

Tell us who you have shot photos for:
I’ve been commissioned to take photographs by Madison, 661, Fisher Outdoor Leisure, Flow Bikes, TwentyfourSeven, Scoop Distribution, Hotlines and Santa Cruz Syndicate. Then there are the magazines. Photos of mine have been published in Shred, Dirt, BikeBiz and Singletrack, as well as on DescentWorld and Wideopen.

How can interested businesses get in touch?
You can reach me at or drop me a bell on 07973 560 338.

What’s the wildest photo you’ve ever shot?

Not sure about the wildest shots, but I’ve definitely had some wild times shooting, like being punted off the track, falling down mountains and throwing my camera as a discus in the process. I haven’t even started on the crazy times I’ve had with dirt jumpers yet!

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