The ACT AGM is to be staged in an as yet unnamed London hotel (unlikely to be the Savoy) on October 10th and will be a swift affair with no evening dinner. Trade get-togethers are dropping away like flies. Is this a problem?

If industry AGMs fail to stimulate how about a BikeBiz bash?

Lack of numbers is the reason given for the lack of an evening dinner following the ACTs AGM and open forum. Some ACT members used to attend the AGM but not the dinner, whereas others used to attend the dinner but gave the AGM a miss.

Every year it is a tremendous headache trying to fund the day with sponsorship so that it does not hurt the pocket, then to have just a handful of members turn up, writes ACT president David Wilsher in a letter to members.

So, both the ACT and the BA will have had low-key AGMs this year, a reflection that not enough people are interested in the internal workings of their trade associations.

The upside? Boring speeches and irritating interventions from the floor are minimised. (But, then again, isnt that what democracy is all about?)

The downside? Trade interaction is stifled. Yet its important for members of an industry to meet to discuss joint issues of concern.

If youre not a member, or guest, of the Pickwick or Centenary Clubs, this year its unlikely youll have the chance to socialise with lots of fellow IBDs and suppliers.

Perhaps BikeBiz should organise an industry bike ride and pub night? If so, when and where?

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