Retail and merchandising gurus will be on hand to help dealers boost sales at Madison's house show in Feb

iceBike* 2012: Jay Townley and Mercedes Ross to host seminars

As well as packing in plenty of new bikes and accessories, Madison’s iceBike* show, held from February 21st to 23rd, will include seminars from retail experts, designed to help retailers with their businesses.

You can register for iceBike* here.

The seminar programme includes:

Mercedes Ross (pre seminar info available here)

Seminar #1 – Yes apparel can sell…really it can !
Will include:
1. Keep an eye on who the customer really is
2. Creating a section for apparel and merchandising, what fittings to use and how to place product
3. How you buy, for that section
4. What to do with close outs and complete the buy cycle

Seminar #2 – Sell them something they hadn’t intended to buy!
1. Your brand, who are you, who does your customer think you are
2. Sections of the store and why they create sales
3. Fixtures and fitting… can make or break product placement
4. Merchandising, yes where you put things matters
5. Close out… things on sale… how to and not to do that right

Jay Townley

What Is Coming Your Way From America

Discontinuous Change!
The U.S. bicycle market has experienced a year of changes that are not connected to historical precedent or practice…or the economy for that matter!

Statistically U.S. market consumption of bicycle units will be at the lowest point in over twelve-years…but the total market value and average unit value of bicycles will be at record highs. 

The U.S. market has become highly regionalized with product niches specific to local wants and needs. As this seminar shows, bike shops have been quicker to identify and respond to their local markets than brands.

There’s more on iceBike 2012 here and also in the next edition of BikeBiz.

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