The 'exclusivity' deal mentioned by Halfords HQ two days ago on this site is not exclusivity of product, it's exclusivity of demo bikes. Halfords will get one bike per store and will be able to take orders using these display models, but IBDs and Halfords get physical stock at exactly the same time, stresses Raleigh. PLUS: if you got a Christmas card from Raleigh in December, there was a big clue the Chopper was about to be re-launched. Yeh, we're kicking ourselves, too!

IBDs will get Chopper stock at same time as Halfords, says Raleigh

Raleigh also stresses the numbers was given is wrong. Halfords didn’t order 10 000 Choppers, the chain ordered 5000. Another 5000 have been reserved for IBDs, said a statement from Raleigh.

"Halfords are getting one per store for display purposes prior to the IBDs," said the Raleigh statement.

"Halfords and the IBDs will receive the same stock of 5000 each on the same day and so physical purchase and receiving of the bike will be the same whether it is from Halfords or IBDs."

The 400 display Choppers are being shipped across, not airfreighted, says Raleigh.

"100 are being airfreighted in for promotional purposes, for use by Raleigh and its PR agency. The rest of the Chopper consignment are being shipped, no Halfords or IBD stock is being airfreighted."

Halfords gets its display Choppers on 1st March. The consignment of 10 000 Choppers – to be distributed to both IBDs and Halfords – will be dispatched in the first week of April.

These dates are contrary to the dates confirmed to by Halfords HQ.

What is not in dispute is the add-ons that IBDs have to order to get their hands on Chopper stock. This involves other Raleigh bikes and P&A, too.

"Raleigh have opted for a policy where there is a buy-in deal applicable for purchase of the Chopper, this has been implemented in order to ensure that the regular Raleigh stockists are able to purchase their desired quantity," said a statement from Raleigh.

When a spokesperson for Raleigh was asked whether Halfords also had to comply with a ‘buy-in’ deal, the answer was:

"Commercial agreements were made with Halfords."

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