Police believe a Tynesider's Trice recumbent trike was stolen 'to order'. It's a very distinctive machine, writes VeloVision's Peter Eland, but was stolen from North Shields, a hub port for access to the Netherlands and Norway so the bike could already be on the continent.

IBDs of UK, Holland and Norway: if you’re offered a trike recumbent, make sure it’s not this one

The Trice recumbent trike featured on the cover of issue seven of VeloVision magazine has been stolen from North Shields owner Ken Davison.

This Trice has a front fairing, together with an unusual black steel lighting mast framework behind the rider. It’s also the machine pictured on page 41 of the current issue of Peter Eland’s magazine, and has distinctive heel-rests.

The trike was locked in Davison’s garage. The thief, or thieves, got through three locks and didn’t take anything except the trike. A Bike Friday and a high-value Audax were left untouched, along with other household posessions.

"This is a particularly strange crime for such an unusual machine, which would instantly recognisable worldwide to other trike owners," said Eland.

"Most recumbent trike thefts have turned out to be by joy- riders, with the machines usually recovered locally. Unfortunately, the trike is Ken’s main means of mobility and he’s extremely keen to get it back."

IBDs have previously – and unwittingly – offered stolen recumbents for sale. One owner was reunited with his stolen Aerobike Sprint after his son put ‘Aerobike’ into a search engine many months after the theft, and found the bike being sold via an IBD’s website.



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