The Bicycle Association has created a 'business confidence' survey for suppliers, BikeBiz is about to trial one for bike retailers.

IBDs needed for BikeBizBarometer relaunch

The BikeBizBarometer was a business confidence survey we trialled in the early days of This flopped because there wasn’t a secure mechanism for verifying the votes.

But now that many visitors to this site are ‘registered users’ we can easily verify ‘members’ and allow them to vote on the BikeBizBarometer.

This will be a online business confidence survey undertaken twice a month. Selected registered users of this site will be emailed each fortnight asking them to go to a password protected part of the site where there’s a set of three or four business confidence questions. These will be short, easy to understand and will take just seconds to be filled in.

Results will be ‘real time’ and displayed graphically.

Twelve UK IBDs were contacted today and invited to take part in a trial of the BikeBizBarometer. These retailers will receive automatically generated emails on Mondays and Tuesdays on weeks with even numbers. The first test of the Barometer will start on 18th March.

Once any glitches have been ironed out and IBD ideas incorporated, the Barometer will go live. At that point, IBDs will be invited to register as ‘site members’ and get themselves on to the panel. This invitation is expected to be made at the start of April.

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