CTC's tech officer Chris Juden says some IBDs are not fitting them correctly, which could cause riders to crash. There are 'right' and 'wrong' pix on a yet-to-be publicised part of CTC.org.uk

IBDs: are you fitting low-rider racks correctly?

"The assembly error involves a failure to bolt the bracing strut to the inside of the fork blade. Instead: this strut has been pressed close against its side panel and the resulting sandwich bolted only to the outside of the fork blade," said Juden.

"In other cases a spacing tube (intended for the bottom fixing point in cases where there is no mudguard stay) has been inserted between the bracing strut and side panel and fastened likewise with a longer bolt.

"No public attention has yet been drawn to that wholly new area of the CTC website. In order that retailers have the earliest opportunity to check and if necessary correct the bicycles in their shops, and before anyone else does, this is the first forum in which I have raised the matter. All shops where wrongly assembled carriers were seen have already been advised, as have the manufacturers of the bicycles concerned – although it is understood that the assembly of front carriers is something they usually leave to the retailer.

"The general public will be informed in the next few days, by which time it is to be hoped that the problem will have been corrected."


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