The CTC is currently looking for new blood for its National Council. To make sure the voice of independent bike shops is heard perhaps an IBD would like to volunteer for one of the posts?

IBD voice needed on CTC Council

Policies made by the CTC’s National Council have influence right up to Government level, says the CTC, and the organisation wants to encourage representation of women, offroaders, commuters and young cyclists.

Professional skills or experience of leadership in cycling are equally welcome, says a press statement from the CTC released today.

Pete Latarche, Chairman of the current National Council said: Our National Council has always been hugely influential and is trusted to represent millions of cyclists whenever decisions affecting cycling are made.

Our electoral system is unique in cycling, providing every member with a vote for a local

representative almost along parliamentary lines.

The new National Council must therefore hear the voices of all cyclists and all cycling and cycling-related bodies. We have a duty to set high standards and must work together for the good of cycling.

Anyone who feels they have skills, experience or opinions to contribute should consider standing as a National Councillor. The more diverse our representatives, the greater the benefit to cycling.

The CTCs 24-member National Council President = Phil Liggett – will step down en masse later this year and a new 20-member National Council based on 12 new regions will be elected.

The move is part of reorganisation plans when nine regions will be formed in England and one each for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each region will have between one and three National Councillors determined by the proportion of resident CTC members.

The Council will oversee the implementation of Vision 2000, the second CTC five-year plan, which lists amongst its aims for CTC to provide representation, solutions, products, services and cycling activities to an on behalf of all cycle-users.

Candidates must be or become CTC members.

Nomination forms are available from the Returning Officer at CTC and must be returned completed by September 1, 2000. Call 01483 417217 or write to CTC, 69 Meadrow, Godalming, Surrey GU7 3HS for details.

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