Operating a busy store, online business, distribution arm and a rental skate park in one converted church means that the Source BMX shop has its work cut out. Mark Sutton visits the Hastings store...


Having long been an ambitious business, Source moved into larger premises mid-November with the aim of the store being up and running inside three weeks. It took a few 90-hour weeks, but the move into a converted church has opened up plenty more opportunities to owners Marc and Rich Moore.

Just seven weeks later, the fruits of some voluntary local labour, combined with the Moore’s efforts meant that a new skate park was in town – a hireable back-to-back bowl, which despite being made simply for use by friends of the business, now has the ability to pop an additional £40 per two-hour session in the shop’s till drawer.

Co-owner Rich Moore tells BikeBiz: "We sponsor many BMX riders and skateboarders, so more than anything the bowl was for our use and to generate media for the website and print adverts. Having said that, we’re involved with the local youth service which hires the park out for a group of up to eight beginners."

Sponsorship of local talent is something the store takes great pride in, having utilised the skills of those involved to knock out several own-branded DVDs, which go out free with all orders placed via the online store. The mail order side of the business makes up a large chunk of Source’s revenues, so promotional items serve as an important tool when retaining customer loyalty.

One thing that strikes your eye upon entry to the store is the impeccable attention to detail shown in the store’s product displays. Not to mention the spacious, fresh appearance of the layout – almost boutique-esque, but with no shortage of product on the shelves.

Knowledgeable staff are employed to handle what Moore describes as "highly clued up customers."

“To run a store like this you need to have an understanding of what is often very complex product; that’s why we employ both BMX riders and skateboarders," adds Moore. And as strong advocates of the BMX way of life, Source has played a central part in the development of other local facilities, including both the local BMX track and White Rock skate park. During summer the store even has plans, alongside the local school, to run a competition to see which student can produce the best BMX or skate video. And with cycling on the curriculum locally, competition will be fierce.

The input has not gone unnoticed either. To reward the efforts of the Moore’s, Hastings Council presented the store with an ‘outstanding contribution to the community’ award last year.

Get yourself a slice of the pie…
Source exclusively distributes three brands to the trade – Twenty, a French BMX brand offering everything from frames to sprockets, as well as two race brands – Intense and its sister components rand, Sinz.

The race brands have been a part of Source’s business for over five years and have steadily grown, although "no significant increase was seen following the Olympics," claims Moore. "Yet, with tracks popping up across the country, the demand for race product is definitely there and growing steadily."

Twenty joined Source’s portfolio two years back and the 2009 line up, viewable at www.sourcebmx.com, is shipping now.

Owner: Marc and Rich Moore
Location: Hastings
Telephone: 01424 460 943 (distribution arm)
Web: www.sourcebmx.com
Email: info@sourcebmx.co.uk
Opening Times: Monday to Saturday: 9.00-5.30
Sunday: 11.00-4.00

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