Steve Barnett, of Cycle On, Lancashire, gives us his view on the Government's quango cull, which will see Cycling England axes in March 2011...

IBD OPINION: Cycling England axe

“I know I am a bit of a cynic, but one can’t help thinking that dismembering the quangos just allows Government departments to claim that they are now doing more work and therefore don’t have to reduce their staff. Most of those people will be the ones who actually did things.

In general, quangos are a very good method of figuring out how best to distribute Government largesse simply because that is its only job. More than that quangos tended to be run and populated by people who had enthusiasm for their subject and knew what they were talking about.

They were in a far better place to get others to work with them than what we will see in the future.
Local Government won’t have money to invest in cycling infrastructure.

More worrying is that any money allocated by Government for cycling projects will get mostly absorbed in civil service costs rather than getting to where it might help change things.”

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