Iaa Mobility announces first concept details for 2023 event following cycling industry feedback

The first concept details for Iaa Mobility 2023 have been announced, after organisers evaluated feedback from exhibitors and the cycling industry.

Last year’s event, which took place in Munich from 7th-12th September, saw a total of 744 exhibitors present, including 75 bike brands.

All cycling exhibitors were asked to evaluate the first edition in an online survey in October 2021. This feedback has been used to help improve the next Iaa Mobility, which will be held in Munich from 5th-10th September 2023.

The following steps will be implemented to align the 2023 concept with the feedback from the industry:

  1. No separate halls for cycling brands, rather one big mobility cluster
  2. There will be a mix of mobility segments (both on the trade fair ground and the inner city Open Spaces) meaning that cycling brands will be located directly next to automotive and other mobility brands
  3. Pre-built booths are no longer obligatory, yet still available. Individual booth construction will be possible
  4. The main focus will remain on complete bike brands, but in 2023 more parts and accessories players will also be exhibiting
  5. Not only consumer brands will be on display, manufacturers and suppliers will also be present. These will be located close to their general tech, mobility, and automotive counterparts

Messe München will host an industry round table in Q1 2022, featuring workshops focused on pain points and needs in relation to all B2B2C event platforms. The 2021 evaluation identified this as a valuable opportunity to continue strengthening the cycling industry’s presence at the trade show and to finalise the 2023 Iaa Mobility offering in detail by the end of Q2 2022. This event will be open for all interested cycling industry players, and the invite will be sent in early 2022.

Jürgen Mindel, managing director German Association of the Automotive Industry, said: “Last September, the Iaa Mobility proved that the future of mobility must be thought of in terms of all modes of transport. We are pleased that the bike area had such a great turnout at the premiere, both from visitors and the media.

“For the coming Iaa Mobility in 2023, we want to further develop the experience for visitors in direct exchange with the exhibitors. We are already looking forward to this.”

Tobias Gröber, executive director business unit consumer goods of Messe München, added: “2021 was a great start for the transformation of Iaa into Iaa Mobility. We are very happy that we were able to gather so many different stakeholders from the entire mobility sector. Some of them for the very first time.

“Yet we also know that we will have to continuously work on our offers, attract more mobility solutions and improve our platform according to the customer feedback. Mobility is a mega-trend and it is also clear that there is not a “one size fits all” solution.

“To stay connected with our target audiences we have chosen to invite the cycling industry for a round table in early 2022, and in addition we will continue our support for the Bike Connection Demo in Italy. Feedback from our exhibiting partners will remain important to us on our journey towards Iaa Mobility 2023.’’

For more information/to join Iaa Mobility 2023, please contact Alexandra Denker, cycling category manager at Iaa Mobility: Alexandra.Denker@messe-muenchen.de.

Bike Connection Demo 2022 supported by Iaa Mobility
Initially planned for summer 2021, the Bike Connection Demo supported by Iaa Mobility will be hosted by Dolomiti Paganella Bike Park in Andalo, Italy on 17th-18th June 2022. The product focus in Andalo will mainly be on mountain, gravel and road biking, but urban bikes and e-bikes will also be showcased.

On an exhibitor level, participation is only offered to cycling industry players, including, but not limited to, brands offering complete bikes, components, accessories, soft goods or digital services. The invitation is open to media representatives in the cycling-endemic sphere, special interest journalists from across Europe, plus selected North American editors.

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‘’With Covid-19 preventing the event from taking place last year, we are excited to continue supporting a strong and experienced partner to host this event,’’ said Denker.

Giulio Neri, Bike Connection Agency, added: “So far, it’s the only B2B media test event on the calendar, with a focus on MTB, gravel and road, but of course urban and e-bikes are also part of it. We are thankful of Iaa Mobility’s support and are excited to welcome a number of great brands.”

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