HydraPak celebrates becoming Climate Neutral Certified with limited edition Recon Renovo bottle

HydraPak is Climate Neutral Certified for its entire business, including the Polar Bottle and Bottle Bright brands.

A leader in performance hydration consumer products for the outdoor, cycling and running sectors, HydraPak said it is always working to serve its customers’ needs while impacting the planet less.

In celebration of becoming Climate Neutral Certified, HydraPak has produced a limited edition Recon Renovo water bottle. For every Recon Renovo bottle sold, HydraPak will donate $6 to Climate Neutral, which equals an offset of one metric ton of carbon. The Recon Renovo is on sale now.

Partnering with non-profit organisation Climate Neutral, HydraPak measured its carbon footprint, worked to reduce future emissions and offset its impact. The company is 100% carbon neutral in the manufacturing and delivery of its products.

“We not only aim to provide the highest performing and longest lasting performance hydration solutions on the market, but to also reduce our environmental impact,” said Jennifer Krupey, director of marketing and e-commerce.

To maintain and improve its Climate Neutral Certification, HydraPak will identify and measure all of the carbon emissions from its business activities from start to finish, purchase carbon credits to completely offset its carbon footprint, and develop and implement plans to reduce and eliminate future emissions.

HydraPak is encouraging others to work toward becoming climate neutral, allowing for brand-level and product-level transparency for consumers. Climate Neutral reports that most brands can start by measuring and offsetting their carbon emissions for less than 0.4% of revenues. Committing to future reductions is a critical first step toward a net-zero world.

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HydraPak was founded in Northern California with a mission to create flexible and durable hydration products for recreational, athletic and military use. Its owned brands are Polar Bottle bicycle squeeze water bottles and Bottle Bright all-natural cleaning tablets.

For more information, go to HydraPak.com and ClimateNeutral.org.

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